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Johnnie's Math Page is the site to find fun math for kids. Over one-thousand math learning and teaching resources have been categorized and set out for you.  

The Math Topics section organizes resources by mathematical strands. Number includes base ten models, counting games, number lines, number patterns and ordering and comparing numbers resouces. Geometry covers plane shapes, geometric solids, symmetry models, angles, and coordinate tools. Operations covers arithmetic concepts from primary to upper grade levels including addition, subtraction, division and order of operations. The multiplication section sets out times table practice, fast facts, and models of multiplication. Fractions includes recognition, comparing fractions, fraction operations and decimal and percent activities. Measurement has many many clocks, money resources, length activities, themometers and scales. In the Statistics section you will find chart and graph tools as well mean median and mode activities. Probability includes dice and spinner models.

The Grade Level topics are organized to set out math strand activities that are appropriate to that age.

Teacher Resources includes activities to support classroom math teaching and homeschooling. I have included math videos and hope that you will let me know what math videos you would like to see. I have many many worksheets available for you, both free and available from Teachers Pay Teachers. The Whiteboard Tools section has resources for classroom work across math topics. The Common Core section includes free planning tools to support your teaching. The Grade Level Resources contains activities especially suited to modeling and teaching math.

Do contact me with any suggestions or comments. This site is meant to help students do well by mathematics through challeging, engaging and often fun activity. Please help me to make this possible.


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