Middle school math videos for students and their teachers.
There are thousands of math videos available to students, I have chosen from the best and organized them for you.
- Johnnie
Algebra   Geometry Number
Terms Expressions Operations Concepts Integers Exponents Scientific Notation
Solving Equations Polygons Fractions Decimals Percents
Linear Equations Triangles Ratio Proportion
Systems of Equations Angles Statistics and Probabilty
Quadratic Equations Pythagoras

Functions Constructions
Volume Surface Area

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Like Terms Define Variables Defining Variables 2 Variables Expressions Equations
Expressions Multiply Expressions Multiply Exponents Simplifying Expressions
Operations Factor - Grouping 1   Factor - Grouping 2 Simplify Rational Expressions 1
Combining Like Terms Add Subtract Rational Expressions
Subrtract Polynomials Multiplying Rationals 1
Subtracting Polynomials Multiplying Rationals 2
Divide Polynomials 1 Multiplying Rational Expressions 1
Divide Polynomials 2 Multiplying Rational Expressions 2
Multiplying Negative Exponents Multiplying Rational Expressions 3
Simplify Expressions with Exponents Simplify Radical Expressions
Simplifying Radical Expressions 2
Adding Radical Expressions
Subtracting Radical Expressions
Add Subtract Radicals
Multiplying Radicals

Solving Solving Equations Literal Equations Solve Equations Intro 1
Equations Solve Equations 1 Two Step Intro Solve Equations Intro 2
Solve Equations 2 Two Step 1 Variables on both Sides 1
One Step 1  Two Step 2 Variables on both Sides 2
 One Step 2  Two Step 3 Variables on both Sides 3
 One Step 3 Rational Equations
Solving Inequalities

Linear Linear Eq. Intro 1 Slope Definition Graphs Tables and Equations
Equations Linear Eq. Intro 2 Slope Intro 1 Slope Intercept Form
Linear Eq. Intro 3 Slope Intro 2 Slope Intercept Form Ex. 1
Linear Eq. Intro 4 Slope Intro 3 Slope Intercept Form Ex. 2

Standard Form Find Slope 1 Slope from Equation 1

Graph a Line Intro  Find Slope 2 Slope from Equation 2
Graph a Line 1  Find Slope 3 Slope from 2 Points 1
Graph a Line 2 X and Y Intercepts Slope from 2 Points 2
Graph Lines 1 Find X Y Intercepts 1 Slope from 2 Points 3
Graphing Find X Y Intercepts 2 Find Equation of a Line
Plotting Points Equation from Table Find Equation of Line Ex.
Equation of Line  Graph from Table 1 Graph with X Y Intercepts
Interpreting Graphs Graph from Table 2 Parallel Perpendicular Lines
Equation & Pictures Point Slope Form Linear Inequalities

Systems of Systems of Equations Intro 1 Solve by Elimination
Equations Systems of Equations Intro 2 Solve by Factoring
Substitution Method Elimination Method Solve by Graphing
Solve by Substitution Graphing Method Systems of Equation Problems

Plotting Points Word Problems Work
Word Problems Age
Word Problems Digit Sums
Systems of Inequalities

Quadratic Intro Quadratics 1 Multiply Binomials Foil 1
Equations Intro Quadratics 2 Multiply Binomials Foil 2
Quadratic Formula Multiply Binomials Area Model
Solve by Factoring Solve by Factoring Overview
Factoring 1 Factoring Quadratic Expressions
 Factoring 2 Difference of Squares
 Factoring 3 Competing the Square

Functions   Functions Intro 1 Function Notation Function from Table 1
  Functions Intro 2 Function from Table 2


Concepts Point Line Plane Translation Properties of Solids
Line Segments Rotation Parallel and Skew Lines
 Rays Reflection

Polygons Polygon Properties Intro Trapezoids Area of Parallelograms
Polygon Angles  Area Trapezoids 1 Area of Kites and Rhombuses
Perimeter 1 Area Trapezoids 2 Properties of Rectangles
Perimeter 2 Area of Kite Properties of Parallelograms
Polygon Problem Sum Polygon Angles Properties of Rhombus
Properties of Trapezoids

Triangles Types of Triangles Sum of Angles SSS and SAS

Isoceles Triangle Angle Sums Ex. 1 SSS SAS compare 1
Area of Triangles 1  Angle Sums Ex. 2 SSS SAS compare 2
Area of Triangles 2 AAS AAS Compare1
ASA AAS compare 2

Angles Angles Intro Long Alternate Interior 1  Supplementary Complementary 1
Angles Intro Alternate Interior 2  Supplementary Complementary 2
Types of Angles Alternate Exterior 1 Corresponding Angles 1
Acute and Right Alternate Exterior 2 Corresponding Angles 2

Using a Protractor Adjacent Angles 1 Angles on Transversal 1
Angles on Parallels Adjacent Angles 2 Angles on Transversal 2
Vertical Angles 1
Vertical Angles 2

Pythagoras Intro Pythagoras 1 Intro Missing Side Intro Find Hypoteneuse
Intro Pythagoras 2 Missing Side 1  Find Hypoteneuse 1 
 Pythagoras Proof Missing Side 2 Find Hypoteneuse 2 
 Pythagoras Proof 1 Intro Square Roots 45 45 90 Triangle Intro
Pythagoras Proof 2 Square Roots 1  45 45 90 Triangle
Square Roots 2  30 60 90 Triangle

Constructions Line Segment Parallel Lines 1 Perpendicular Bisector 1
Line Segment 2 Parallel Lines 2 Perpendicular Bisector 2
Angle Bisector Duplicate Angle 1
Duplicate Angle 2

Volume  Volume Prism Intro Volume Prism Ex. 1 Suface Area Rectangular Prism Ex.
Surface Area Volume Prism Volume Prism Ex. 2 Surface Area Triangular Prism Ex.
Volume Cylinder 1 Volume Sphere Ex. Surface Area Cylinder Ex.
Volume Cylinder Volume Cone Ex. Surface Area Pyramid Ex.
Volume Cone Surface Area Prism Suface Area Cone Ex.
 Volume Sphere Surf. Area Cylinder
Surf. Area Pyramid
Surf. Area Cone

Circles Circle Properties Circumference 1 Circle Area
Circles Intro Circumference 2 Area of Circle 1
Circumference 3 Area of Circle 2

Trigonometry Intro to Trig 1 Cosine Ex. 1 Inverse Functions Ex.1
Introd to Trig 2 Cosine Ex. 2 Inverse Functions Ex. 2
Using Functions 1 Tangent Ex. 1 30 60 90 Triangles Overview 1
Using Functions 2 Tangent Ex. 2 30 60 90 Triangles Overview 2
Inverse Functions 45 45 90 Triangle Angle Elevation Depression
Cosine Function 45 45 90 Triangle 2 Angles Elevation Depression Ex.
Tangent Function 30 60 90 Triangle Trig Identities
30 60 90 Triangle 2


Number PEMDAS Scientific Not. Intro Order of Operations 1
and Operations Exponents Intro Scientific Notation 1 Order of Operations 2
Exponents Scientific Notation 2 Adding Negative Numbers
Multiply Exponents Scientific Notation 3 Multiply Divide Negative Numbers
Negative Exponents Scientific Notation A Add Subtract Integers
Place Value  Scientific Notation B Integer Sums
Inequalities Additive Inverse

Fractions Percent Divide Fractions Fractions to Decimals
Decimals Percent Change Multiply Fractions Percent Increase Decrease
Percents Taking a Percent

Percents  Decimals

Ratio Ratios Intro Proportions Introduction to Ratios
Ratio Problem Proportion 1
Proportion 2

Statistics Mean Median Mode
Probability Averages Scatter Plots Probability Dice